CA State Supt. of Public Instruction 2010 - Diane LENNING, Ed.M. for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction
How to "fix" our schools! 
A quality education is the
"Civil Rights Issue of our generation!"
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Diane Lenning Keynote Speaker Conservative Educators Caucus
Recorded on January 20, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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Diane Lenning Candidate for CA Supt of Public Instruction 20
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Watch and listen to Diane speak about how to "fix" our schools!
Education in Crisis:
1) Diane has been fighting and advocating for a better education for our kids her entire career as an educator for over thirty years!  She has been an educator in the CA Youth Authority teaching Los Angeles and Orange County gang members.
2) Diane has taught in a K-12 public school district where the "achievement gap" is closing faster than any other district in the nation! winner of the Eli Broad Award for most improved student scores in the nation!
3)  Diane has been Chair of a National Education Association Caucus and she has been directly influential in the current "common-ground" focus on reducing the school "drop-out" rate, assuring all our kids graduate and receive a quality education.  "Drop-out prevention is crime prevention."
4)  As a non-partisan leader and recipient of the Medal of Freedom Award honored by the United States Senate, Diane knows how to bring education and community leaders together to formulate a "common-ground" education plan to improve our schools.
5) Diane is a graduate of California schools
K-12 when California ranked #1 in the nation, earning University graduate degrees in California's university system, was an honor student, and star athlete who received the athlete of the year award as a senior in high school at Huntington Beach-Marina High School in Orange County.  She knows how to inspire young people to excel and participate successfully in a rigorous learning environment.
6) Diane brings successful experience to a "failed education system" on a lean budget.  As our state searches to reduce bureaucracy taking control and accountability back to the local level in our neighborhood schools, Diane will work with local districts in streamlining paperwork, allocating funds, organizing curriculum models, and assuring more money gets to the  classrooms where funding is needed most! 
7) California schools will retain a minimum level of competency for a high school diploma, assuring the quality education each student earns.  The CAHSEE will continue to give students data that demonstrates each student's own personal achievement, giving them annual status reports for their hard work and abilities. 
8) Teachers will know what the students have learned, and can plan their curriculum accordingly.  Students will be given tutoring courses if needed, to assure fair and equal opportunity to earn their diplomas. Districts can provide quarterly benchmark exams to demonstrate students are moving through their required core curriculum in a timely manner.
9) Development of "critical thinking skills" is a high-light of Diane's career as an educator because she wrote new goals for critical thinking skills at her high school campus site where she was a teacher of history, English, and science.  Diane earned a credential to teach ELL students, who comprised over 60% of her student population.
10) Vocational and technological curriculum will be strengthened for those "drop-outs" who prefer to seek employment upon graduation from high school rather than pursue a college degree. With a 50% "drop-out" rate statewide, it is important to give those students a chance for an education that fits their life's goals.
11) English Immersion will be reinforced... successful models have confirmed throughout the state that closing the achievement gap of minority ELL and English Language speakers is an important and realistic goal for all students when taught in an English Immersion model.
12) Safe and rigorous classroom learning environments will be an important focus in providing a quality education while bringing success to every student who works toward a high school diploma.  "Learning how to learn," and "learning by doing," will be important mottos for student accountability and success.
Students will be expected to participate in classroom activities putting forth an honest effort to achieve, and parents will be expected to keep apprised of their children's status during their education years, assuring their success in a quality education.
Supporting our teachers with professional development using vital programs such as Peters Procedures will give them the tools to bring successful learning experiences to undisciplined students.
Safe schools will assure all students will have an equal opportunity to learn and achieve their life's goal, whether they seek a job after graduation, or continue on to college.
Together...we can provide a fair and equal opportunity for a better future for all our kids and grandkids!...
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Diane LENNING, Ed.M. Chats with you re: "fixing" our CA Scho
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I I I looking forward to leading our state back toward the #1 state in the nation again, and to being your next Superintendent of Public Instruction for the state of California!
Thank you so much for your support!
Diane Lenning, Ed.M.
Our Superintendent who will bring success back to California schools!
Diane Lenning speaks in Education forum at UC DAVIS  Look in "Archived April 30, 2010"  PTA/League of Women Voters, CA Supt of Public Instruction candidate forum.  LENNING is one of the three top candidates!
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