CA State Supt. of Public Instruction 2010 - Diane LENNING, Ed.M. for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction
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LENNING is the "Only" R or D to qualify as
WRITE IN Candidate for Nov 2, 2010!
1) FILL IN the Oval or Box next to the line and  2) WRITE IN Diane LENNING Nov 2 2010 right under the other two candidates' names.
Listen to Diane Lenning on radio commercial (90 seconds)
CLICK on the PDF File below to PRINT the flier to pass out about our WRITE IN Campaign today!  Diane is the ONLY Republican conservative eligible for a Write In vote in the Nov 2, 2010 election!  This may be our last chance to elect a Republican to this office for our kids and grandkids!  Please pass out 100+ fliers and donate on line today!  Click the DONATE Button to help SAVE OUR SCHOOLS!
[BEWARE:  "Phoney" Larry Aceves is NOT a Republican and he is NOT endorsed by Republican organizations!  Diane LENNING is the ONLY Republican endorsed candidate for superintendent!  Don't fall for the "deceitful" practices of some candidates and "Private" slate owners who sell their slots to anyone who has the money!  DON'T BE FOOLED!]
We hope you find everything you are seeking to know about Diane's goals for education, as well as her background and qualifications as a teacher for over thirty years, former Chair of the National Republican Educators Caucus, MEDAL of FREEDOM AWARD winner, and 3rd year law student.  Diane taught English, history, science, music, math, driver education, and coached the "first" girls' soccer team at her high school.  Diane was an honor student when CA schools were "First" in the nation.  Email Diane at:
. . . . . . .and A QUALITY SCHOOL FOR EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD!  Reduce the Drop-Out Rate, Vocational Education to prepare students for jobs!
 The Only Candidate for CA SUPT of Schools "Endorsed" by
Republican Groups and across the board education and community
(Don't be fooled by "look alikes" running on Republican Slates or phoney candidates who want you to write in their name.  Aceves has used the "race card" and stated to a group "we need to get rid of the old white teachers."  He is a deceptive "flip-flop" Democrat candidate trying to fool you into voting for him!  He will push his liberal agenda once conservatives who are fooled elect him into office!)
DIANE LENNING is the ONLY Republican or Democrat candidate who qualifies as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for the November 2, 2010 election! What you will need to do is TAKE a PEN" and WRITE-IN Diane LENNING" ON the BALLOT, for the office Superintendent of Public Instruction.
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After you read Diane's"ten point plan" below, please click the "Surveys/
Questionnaires" tab for more of Diane's ideas to "fix" our schools.
FYI:  Due to inconsistencies in "purchased slates spots," it is important to inform
you that Diane LENNING is the only candidate endorsed by Republican groups and organizations for State Superintendent of Public Instruction!  Larry Aceves, a
Democrat, is listed on several Republican slates because he or special interest
groups “purchased” the slates.  One of the slates was $150,000.00. Additionally,
Aceves is listed on the Jarvis Taxpayer Slate, and I have personally heard Larry
Aceves speak strongly in favor of "raising" taxes.  Apparently the Democrats are
running scared and have decided to break into the Republican vote.  If you want a
“true Republican” as our next Superintendent of Schools, VOTE for the only
Republican who is Endorsed by Republican groups statewide.  
Help ELECT Diane LENNING, the First Republican Woman as CA State Superintendent
of Education who will "fix" our schools for all our kids!
Scroll down to watch videos.  We heard Larry Aceves say he strongly Supports Raising TAXES!  The Jarvis Taxpayer Association was fooled!  Dont' be fooled!
WATCH the UC DAVIS Education FORUM for Candidates
for Superintendent of Public Instruction for 2010!  It's
a bit long, but it is a great chance to watch the top three candidates for this office.  The Education LEADER is one of the three most important state offices along with the Governor and Attorney General.  Our kids deserve someone who knows what works and how to "fix" our schools.
One of the items I didn't get a chance to say was, it is important for parents to be
involved in your local schools...attend monthly school board meetings, join the school
site council, monitor your student's homework, contact the teacher through the school
office or via email when you have questions/concerns, and attend school activities
Click on the url to watch!
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Diane LENNING, Ed.M. Chats with you re: "fixing" our CA Scho
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Diane will REFORM EDUCATION and "Fix" our schools!  It has taken thirty years for
California schools to slide from NUMBER ONE to number 48! under the leadership of the Democrats, Legislatures, and the union that has "side-tracked" on political issues! 
Although the union has provided some quality professional development to a small % of
educators, it is not enough to reach the need of the large number of teachers in the
classrooms today. 
Just think if we used the union dues of over $211 million spent in the political arena over
recent years, in our classrooms instead, for kindles to download student textbooks, air-conditioning for those "hot" classrooms, to hire police officers and campus security for high school campuses, hire additional counselors, or for professional development for struggling teachers. 
We need NEW leadership, a Republican woman EDUCATOR! the first ever in
California's history! Diane will take our schools to FIRST again!
Diane will "break" from "more of the same" and bring "innovation and change!"
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Diane Lenning speaks at Oxnard RWF
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Diane is focused on providing A high-quality education for all young people of
California.  It is the "civil rights issue" of this generation!
10 POINTS to a Quality Education to "fix" our schools!
1)  At the TOP of the list is to "reduce the school drop-out rate," and increase the
graduation rate;  providing a quality education and a bright future for  every student.
"DROP-OUT PREVENTION IS CRIME PREVENTION!"  It's time to SAVE $1.1 Billion a year by educating drop-outs under age 18.
2)  Provide vocational and technology programs for students who want a job right
out of high school, and to keep those "drop-outs" in school.  Centrally located Regional
Occupation Programs will provide skills for students to get a job rather than go on
welfare or commit crimes.
3)  Assure safe schools for a rigorous and high quality learning environment, closing
the "achievement gap" between minority students and English only students. Two police
on every high school campus will curb crime on campuses and provide a quality
learning environment for higher student achievement. 
4) Sub-divide overly large districts that fail to manage their districts in an
economically and educationally successful manner to bring more local control to
school districts for student success;  bringing more money to the classrooms where
the funding is needed the most.   "Mid-size" districts assure better oversight and
management of education programs through "local control," bringing local
neighborhoods together around their centrally located schools. Free Choice in education
supporting parental rights to choose the best education for their children whether it be public,
private, charter, or home schooling gives public education "healthy competition" to provide
a quality education for every child.
5)  Use the ideas that have demonstrated success such as from the national Eli Broad
Award winning district where I taught for 15 years, and contributed to the success of
student achievement and closing the achievement gap, where students engage in rigorous curriculum, i.e. English immersion, pacing, quarterly benchmark testing, timed intervention
(RTI), summer school after two specified grade levels for students to reach grade level skills,
and mandatory tutoring for failing students, etc..
6)  Use successful strategies and methods learned through professional development such as Peters Procedures to assist and empower teachers in the classroom to assure success for undisciplined students.  High quality teachers is the most important component of a quality education.  See the difference in a video on this website:
7)  Assure "Back to Basics!"...academic focus on core curriculum courses for student success, and provide enriching courses for elective classes such as ROP vocational classes that count toward a diploma.  ROP classes in areas such as truck driving, florist, animal care, computer technology, merchandising, child care, beautician and skin care, and many others, will prepare
our young people for jobs right out of high school, and will count as credits toward a diploma.
8) Require students to pass a "civics and government" test, teaching the U.S. Constitution and founding documentments of our Constitutional Republic in order to graduate;  passing
the "torch of liberty" to each generation.  Include an American flag in every classroom.  Provide Leadership training for our leaders of the future!
9)  Considering Performance Based Pay to attract high quality teachers using "multiple measures" using a point scale, not just one criteria;  from a list of approximately ten criteria
such as higher degrees, school board member, department chair, elected union leader/delegate, local district professional boardmember, district committees/consortiums, site council, college professor at night, student performance, coach, club advisor, and school to community/business liaison for student job placement. 
10) Quality district/school administrators and principals who lead with school-wide discipline and curriculum plans to bring success to every classroom;  supportive of teachers in the education process.  Providing mandatory parent orientation meetings each fall with published pamphlets listing teacher, student, and parent expectations and goals, working together to assure students become engaged in rigorous learning environments.
(Mensaje está disponible en Español en la parte inferior de la página).
Diane LENNING speaks at CSU Sacramento Education Forum Nov 2009!  Part I.
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Diane Lenning @ CSUS Education Forum for CA SPI 2010 candida
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Part 2: Diane speaks at CSU Sacramento Education Forum!
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Diane Lenning CSU Sacramento Education Forum Part 2
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Diane Lenning shares her goals in education from Santa Marga
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Diane shares her goals to "fix" our schools and "reform" the education culture of CA schools. Providing safety in our schools will assure a healthy education climate for our children to learn.  Just like a child needs a good meal to do well in school, every student needs to learn in a safe school environment without fear.
Listen as Diane Lenning shares with community leaders and young people around the state...
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Diane Lenning July 4th Long Beach 2009
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Bringing mismanaged districts into compliance is a necessity to improve education.  I want accountability in education just like you do!  Improved curriculum and a quality education is provided by well-managed "mid-sized" districts that provide leadership in successful education programs for our schools.
Diane has been a teacher in the trenches for more than thirty years.  She worked with "at risk" students for many years, including gang members from both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Diane has had experience in all types of education settings with minority students, resource students, and mainstream students in public and private schools, as well as in the California Youth Authority with incarcerated students.
She is highly qualified for this position as her overall experience is the perfect composite to "Change" and "Improve" the quality of education for all students.
Since retiring from over thirty-three years of teaching, Diane has passed the Baby Bar and continues her education to earn a Juris Doctorate (JD).
Please check links and other websites as well for complete information:
http://www.dianelenning.com;  Please join our group on  Search:  Diane Lenning for CA Superintendent of Public Instruction 2010, and click "join."
Mensaje en Español de Diane:
Hola. Mi nombre es la Sra. Lenning, profesor de más de treinta años en Los Angeles y Orange County public schools. También me enseñó los hombres jóvenes en la California Youth Autoridad. He trabajado con miembros de pandillas y estudiantes en riesgo mucho de mi carrera, enseñanza aprenden inglés, recursos, estudiantes y incorporar estudiantes. No hay sorpresas para mí en lo que se necessita para ayudar a nuestros jóvenes triunfar en la escuela. Sé exactamente qué hacer para fijar nuestras escuelas.
Proporcionar un entorno escolar seguro mejorará Será mejorar la asistencia y reducir la escuela "deserción" tasa. Mejorar curriculum y proporcionar tutoría ayudará a nuestros estudiantes reciben una educación de calidad y pasar la escuela secundaria exit exam, mejorar los índices de graduación para estudiantes que ganar títulos. Los graduados hacerlo mejor en la vida, y ofrecer mejor para sus familias.
La mala gestión distritos escolares en cumplimiento a asegurar una mejor gestión de la escuela fondos y recursos. Quiero rendición de cuentas en la educación sólo como usted.  Maestro de calidad, administradores y apoyo personell son importantes para una buena educación para nuestros hijos.
A fin de asegurarse de que nuestros niños conseguir una educación de calidad, voy a necesitar su ayuda. Ayúdenme Por favor hoy por unir mi equipo y contribuir a mi campaña. $10, $25, $50 o $100 pasará un largo camino para asegurar nuestros hijos reciban la educación que merecen.
Usted puede averiguar más sobre mí y contribuir a mi campaña en línea en:
Muchas gracias por su apoyo, y recordar a votar por Diane Lenning para CA Superintendente de Instrucción Pública en noviembre 2 de 2010!
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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